Our Wines

Fluffy Fields Grape Wines:

Fluffy Fields Vineyard provides varietals of cold climate grapes to create a unique selection of wine.

Red Wines:
  • Marquette-semi dry
  • St. Croix- dry
  • Frontenac- sweet


White Wines:
  • Brianna- semi sweet
  • Frontenac Gris- semi sweet
  • Riesling- sweet


Fruit Wines:
  • Aronia- dry
  • Aronia- sweet


Upcoming Fluffy Fields Releases (Spring 2017):

  • Naughty Bunny Carrot- coming during Easter
  • Boo Ass Cherry
  • Sweet Rhubarb
  • Apple Rhubarb 
  • Petite Ami- dry white wine 


Wine Tastings:

$10.00 for 5 wine tastes of your choice with a complimentary Fluffy Fields glass
$8.00 wine by the glass

*we are currently serving a variety of Fluffy Fields wine along with other ND wines

To find what special ND wines we will be serving go to our menu (/menu/)

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